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Our Work

Our Work

Brands today are facing many different challenges, and consequently, they are seeking to stay relevant and current, as well as being distinctive. Through our work, we find…


Clear branding is one way of getting noticed.
Research and social listening can be effective in helping to deeply understand a brand or the issues surrounding it. Having a more informed view of consumers, and their relationships with brands, can lead to new opportunities and ultimately increase the brand’s share of mind. This stand-out effect often leads to the brand being a key choice even when multiple options are present.


Digital presents many opportunities, especially to build physical availability of brands. Successful brands seek to build breadth and depth of distribution in space and in time. For some brands, this might be about local channel development, and for others it might mean developing, and trading in, new markets.


Innovating current products, and developing new ones, can also help unlock new growth for brands. We often find ourselves at the start of the innovation process and following it through to the end.

Case Studies

Here’s a flavour of our work across these areas helping different brands expand and grow.

Help us win in new markets

A major US cereal bar manufacturer entering the UK market needed to refine its product, as well as marketing and channel plans to ensure a successful launch and importantly, a competitive edge.

Help me win a new audience

The end client, greentomatocars, is London’s premier environmentally focussed car service. It was keen to expand and grow its business with a rebrand of the company to appeal to a wider business audience, while still retaining a sense of quirkiness (which along with its strong environmental credentials was at the core of its brand).

Help future-proof our brand

A significant UK-based children’s charity needed to ground its long-term strategy within emerging trends in the sector. It was keen to realise how its brand could be optimised digitally.

Build compelling & memorable stories!

Our client, Fraction, is a strategic consultancy, focussed on helping significant global leading brands across a range of industries find new growth. Fraction was instrumental in helping their client, a world leader in soft drinks manufacturing, use new data to identify patterns in drinking behaviour so that the potential of its full portfolio could be realised.

Help us grow through channel expansion

Our client, Fraction, is a strategic consultancy, focussed on helping significant global leaders across a range of industries find new growth. A UK-based pizza and pasta chain approached Fraction to help develop a new concept to meet consumers’ needs for restaurant- quality food at home.

Bring our segmentation to life

Our client was a government department. They had undertaken a robust segmentation of the UK small, medium and mid-sized business universe. A much more accessible and creative reporting format was required to optimise interest and usage of the piece across a range of cross government teams in marketing and communications.

We have worked together across all research disciplines telling compelling stories with data using interactive workshops and digital toolkits. Louise’s enthusiasm, creativity, organisation and collaborative working style have led to the successful delivery of multiple
projects across the globe.

David Boon, Managing Director, Fraction
Louise holds that oft-used but seldom meant title of ‘a safe pair of hands’. At Viacom Louise demonstrated a sound understanding of young people’s views, ideas and behaviours all within the context of a bigger content and cultural picture.
Phil Soanes, Development Director, LRWTonic

Louise demonstrated a strong ability in research techniques. She brought a positive approach to everything she has done. I would have no hesitation in recruiting Louise again for similar work, if the opportunity arose.

Ian Coates, Director of Higher Education, STEM and Tertiary Providers

I’ve have been consistently impressed by Louise’s professionalism, passion and her ability to connect insight and research in a holistic manner.

Jo Simmons, Account Director - Government at LinkedIn

We’ve worked on everything from desk research, qualitative depths with high profile stakeholders, all the way through to running large scale quantitative research. She is adept at analysing and presenting these various forms of research in an interesting, compelling way that builds the trust of teams and senior leaders.

Jo Simmons, Account Director - Government at LinkedIn

On a personal level Louise is a pleasure to work with, always making time to help other members of the team and bringing a real energy and sense of fun to the office. I would happily work with her again in an instant!

Jo Simmons, Account Director - Government at LinkedIn

We were very impressed with the brand analysis work undertaken by Louise and her team from the very start of the project. She took time to understand our business model and how we engaged with our customers before she advised us on the approach she would recommend to achieve the best research outcome.

Kevin Halliday, Chief Executive, Civil Service Insurance Society

There is no doubt that the quality of the data provided by Louise has enabled us to shape our business strategy and marketing objectives in a more targeted way.

Kevin Halliday, Chief Executive, Civil Service Insurance Society

She showed a good understanding of the insurance marketplace She and was able to present a most detailed report on our own brand in relation to the rest of the market when measured on a range of outcomes including service, pricing, affinity and brand.

Kevin Halliday, Chief Executive, Civil Service Insurance Society