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Magnifisight is a consultancy helping brands make the best decisions to grow and change using research and data. Recognising that the route and mechanism to achieve this varies by brand, our expert team uses a range of tools, often blending traditional practice with the latest data tech, to find the right solution. We also like to share our knowledge helping brands build brilliant in-house insight teams and capability.

We are a team of expert qualitative and quantitative researchers who are proud of the great work we do that leads to evolution and growth for the brands we work with.


We love to work with our clients in a consultative way. We often find we are an integral part of the client’s team, and sometimes even get a desk in their offices!


We are an open-minded and naturally curious about people’s habits and behaviours.


We recognise the value in and enjoy collaborating with others; often challenging the status quo to unlock answers to business questions in many different ways.


Creativity is an unrivalled dimension at the core of every project from inception through to delivery.

Doing things

We’ve evolved through recognition that digital and technological change has altered and continues to alter the way in which we conduct market research. While primary market research is still highly relevant today, we need to think and sometimes act differently.

With the following checklist in mind this is how we approach our client-work….


What other data; either internally or externally, research or other data, is available that can help answer our business questions?


What role do newer digital tools and tech play in helping to collect and disseminate the answers?


How do we help our client drive interest, engagement, reach, actionability and ultimately value of this work across their organisation? What do we do differently in delivery? Can interactive presentations e.g. Prezi and video help bring consumer and insight stories to life?

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